Where I Have Been

Yep, I’ve been MIA for quite some time.  Now I’m going to tell why!


On 11 September, I got into a car accident that totaled my car and broke my left arm and wrist.  Not cool.  The other driver was at fault, uninsured, unlicensed, and without the benefit of the English language – which I guess is only a problem if the police can’t understand you.  Which they couldn’t, and a translator was eventually dug up from the nearby projects.  Delightful.  As with most sudden disasters, you still have a few nanoseconds for thought.  I realized collision was inevitable, and thought: “put your right arm down so it isn’t injured; cover your face so no cuts or chemical burns; and OH GODDAMN I really liked this car…”  CRASH.  The first thing I thought of after that was how and when to tell Kansas City without alarming him while he was at work over something he couldn’t do anything about anyway.  I had covered my face with my left arm, and airbag or no, it broke when slammed against the wheel.  It had a cool perfectly circular slice in the center of a wide array of bruising, stamped there by the emblem on the middle of the steering wheel.  But aside from that and seatbelt burn against my neck and chest, I was fine.  The car was clearly totalled, as its engine was clearly misshapen enough to never again function.  I sat on the sidewalk, calmly told the paramedics I’d take myownself to the ER, thanks, just an ice pack will do for now, and waited for the police, the wrecker, and – wow – my mother.  Mom saved the day by running right to me and taking me to the hospital, where they laughed at my self-diagnosis of broken arm … until they read the xrays.

So I had a cast for four weeks, which was removed just today.  I’m FIRED UP about things like taking showers that don’t involve garbage bags and being able to do my dishes and tie my sneakers.  And let me tell you, it was damn near impossible to have sex with that fucking thing on my entire forearm, although assorted partners (The Dom, the Kid, the Communist, Eve) were kind about the injury.

In the meantime, though, some stuff happened.  Teacher broke up with me (good for him!).  I broke up with Programmer (good for me!).  Eve and I jumped back into … well, not bed, but something together.  And I met the Dom, who is a whole BALL of (delicious, tantalizing, jesus that man has some hands) problems.  Also met the Foodie, who’s an interesting can of worms himself.  And Kansas City and I, well.  To follow this with “That’s going well,” would be so understating it that I’m not sure I can think of proper verbiage for it right now.  It’s also my bedtime, as I have an exam tomorrow that I expect to score 106% on.  But see – all this is coming.  Stay tuned!

SDAW Tells All

Welcome!  This post, right here, despite the grabber of a title, is going to be the most boring post in the blog.  Stay tuned for accounts of my encounters, good and bad, naughty and nice.  The words and pictures here will be NSFW … but you knew that.  That’s why you’re here.  Man, I’ve been DYING to tell you guys this stuff.  Confessions:  commence!

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