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Just in case my previous post left you a little bit … wanting … here’s a steamy, sexy story from my friend Guiltless Miss that’s certain to satisfy.

If you’d like to read this story from the perspective of one of the ladies (and honestly, who wouldn’t?!), follow this link right on over to GM’s companion post on Singles Warehouse XXX:

Guiltless Miss

Let’s try something a little different my dears.  I have had this in my head lately, hope it translates as well on “paper” as is does in my thoughts.  Did you read She Turns Me On? It’s a bit like that but…stronger.  Oh…and a special treat, an alternate version will be available on Thursday! Happy Titty Tuesday, Readers! Enjoy…

When I met her a few months ago, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I’m still not sure.  She is fun, flirty, and definitely turns me on.  Each time we have sex whether it be in the park, the bedroom, in the Jeep, wherever we are I know she is holding back.  It’s like she’s afraid to let me in, or maybe she’s just taking baby steps to lure me in further.  I’m not sure, but what I do know is after a night like last night it could only get more…

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I'm Jane, a bisexual polyamorous gal up to her nips in the dating pool. Cute, clever, and confident, I am loving and sexing half the United States. Having a hell of a good time too - and you get to read about it here.

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